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Ground Floor Packaging is the premiere Midwest distributor of Unique Therapeutic Mats and offers a special eco-friendly Welder's Mat. After decades of working with all facets of the packaging industry, Tim Tompkins feels a resurgence of employers who care about the comfort and health of their employees. He feels so strongly about the health benefits of Unique Therapeutic Mats that he has created this website to as a business resource for employers.

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The problems associated with standing for an extended period of time have been widely researched across the globe. The damage caused to our bodies from prolonged standing is staggering as it rivals other serious diseases such as cancer, stroke or heart failure.

To some degree or another, most of us have suffered or are still suffering from the following symptoms:

Studies vary as to the extent of the damage, but they all concur with a few simple conclusions:

1) Standing for an extended period of time is not a natural or healthy human activity.
2) The harmful effects of prolonged standing diminish with the use of good footwear and proper flooring.

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